Our Asbestos Skips

Here at Fibre Vault, we have decades of experience in the asbestos removal industry and have seen the dangers of poor quality hazardous waste skips. To address these issues and improve safety levels in the industry, we designed the patent-pending Fibre Vault asbestos skip, which is available for lease or purchase. It offers numerous benefits over traditional asbestos skips. Click below for more information about the features that set our asbestos skips apart from the competition.

Our skip is manufactured to incorporate a Negative Pressure unit giving required air changes per hour in line with the Control of Asbestos regulations 2012 requirements for an Asbestos removal enclosure, all safely filtered via the HEPA filter within the unit.

Lighting is triggered via the personnel door switch upon entry with a timer to ensure this turns off following exit.

Our intuitive control panel with variable control dial gives you full control of the negative pressure requirements during the loading phase allowing you to control the air flow.

Our asbestos skip features a personnel door which leads via a clean corridor to the waste area. Using this means of entry will ensure the waste is loaded from front door of the loading bay to back reducing the movement of the waste during the loading of the skip onto the wagon where the angle of the skip traditionally causes significant waste movement, and potential waste package damage, within partially filled skips.

Another innovation is around maintaining a safe distance from the waste load. On arrival at the asbestos waste land fill site the driver unlocks the waste door from a remote position at the front of the skip away from the main doors, rather than right alongside where the potential for exposure would be at its highest. In addition, the top hinged tipping door slows the tipping of waste to a more controlled flow again reducing the chance of bags and parcels breaching in the hazardous waste landfill cell.

Another innovation of Fibre Vault is the cleanliness of the emptied skip. Although all waste is transported from enclosures in Swan-necked and taped doublewaste bags all industry workers have seen and witnessed ripped bags in the skip area. Although this is avoided at all costs transportation and movement can cause this issue which is often only seen during the emptying procedure. Once the skip has been emptied the skip is closed with the potential for residual fibres to remain. Our unique product can remove any residual airborne fibres within the skip thanks to the negative pressure unit and HEPA filtration system, thereby offering maximum protection from the hazard of Asbestos to workers, the general public and the environment.

Fibre Vault is the future of safety for the asbestos skip market. Orders are now being taken for supply of these units on either a purchase or lease option. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, or request a free no-obligation quote for either the hire or purchase of our Fibre Vault asbestos skips.

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    Below are the specifications of our asbestos skips

    30 Yard Enclosed unit

    Maximum storage capacity – 10 tonnes