Asbestos Skip Hire

Asbestos skip hire is a vital service for anyone dealing with the removal and disposal of asbestos materials. Asbestos is a hazardous substance that can cause serious health problems if inhaled, so it is important to handle it carefully and dispose of it properly.

At Fibre Vault, we have decades of experience in the asbestos removal industry and have seen firsthand the dangers of poor quality hazardous waste skips. That’s why we have developed our patent-pending Fibre Vault asbestos skip, which is specifically designed to eliminate hazards from the asbestos disposal process.

Our innovative asbestos skips are the future of safety for the asbestos skip market. They are specifically designed for the safe storage and transportation of asbestos waste, and are equipped with features such as a negative pressure unit, automatic lighting, an intuitive control panel and many more features that ensure the safety of our customers and our staff. For more information about the numerous safety benefits that our asbestos skips provide over traditional asbestos skips, please read our Asbestos Skips page.

At Fibre Vault, we are committed to providing a prompt and professional service for all jobs, large and small, across the UK. Our friendly team is available 24/7 to assist with your asbestos skip hire needs and can provide free, no-obligation quotes upon request.

Contact us today to learn more about our asbestos skip hire services and how we can help you safely and legally dispose of your asbestos waste.

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    Below are the specifications of our asbestos skips

    30 Yard Enclosed unit

    Maximum storage capacity – 10 tonnes